Don Alrick Encarnacion is a professional in the dynamic realm of sales and marketing, where he has honed his skills and expertise. 


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Sales & Marketing

Experienced and results-driven sales professional with 13 years in sales and marketing. Demonstrated success in identifying and capitalizing on revenue opportunities, showcasing a proven track record. Skilled in developing and executing effective sales and marketing strategies to boost brand visibility and drive sales growth. Seeking a dynamic sales and marketing role to leverage extensive expertise and achieve outstanding results for an organization, with a focus on the Philippines, Middle East, and Vietnam/Southeast Asia markets.

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Sales & Marketing

Explore a world of creative content on my personal profile! As a passionate content creator, I specialize in crafting engaging videos using my phone and applying meticulous editing to bring stories to life. Whether it’s personal content reflecting my unique perspective or captivating visuals for real estate marketing, I tailor each creation with care and creativity. Join me on this visual journey where every video is a unique blend of personal expression and professional finesse. Let’s turn moments into memories and properties into showcases through the lens of creativity!